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Rex Lardner September 29th, 2017

Al Bruno is a teacher and writer who lives in Buffalo, New York. In today's post, he writes about a local high school - Riverside High School - once with a prominent football program - that was forced to shut down its program.

September 28th, 2017

A second excerpt from 'The Ultimate Guide to (Almost Every) Offensive Football Formation' is posted today. Written by Coach Andrew Brown, various motions are included in this segment.

September 27th, 2017

Posted today is a play by retired head coach and offensive coordinator, Charlie Stubbs. The play, a 'Zone Read Option' includes position assignments for all 11 players.

September 26th, 2017

A second excerpt from "The Ultimate Guide to (Almost Every) Defensive Formation and Their Basic Schemes" is posted today. Written by Coach Andderew Brown, this excerpt includes shade techniques by defensive linemen.

September 25th, 2017

Veteran youth and high school coach Walt Kreugel believes the no-huddle offense should be a part of every team's offense. Posted today is his clinic article, 'Why Use the No-Huddle?'

September 21st, 2017

An excerpt from Coach Andrew Brown's, "The Ultimate Guide to (almost every) Offensive Formation is posted today. Coach Brown's complete ebook is available at Amazon.

September 20th, 2017

Charlie Stubbs is a former Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach. He recently submitted a special gadget play that is posted today: Speed Sweep Left Reverse Right Pass. Coach Stubbs will be submitting additional plays on a regular basis.

September 19th, 2017

Andrew Brown is a veteran coach who recently published, 'The Ultimate Guide to (almost every) Defensive Formation. The first excerpt is posted today. The complete ebook is available at Amazon and you can reach Coach Brown at his email: acbrown01)

September 18th, 2017

An In Season Strength and Conditioning Program for High School Athletes

By Tobias Jacobi * Strength and Conditioning Coach * Strong Rock (HS)


Read the Article

September 7th, 2017

Mike Cieri is the Defensive Line Coach and Special Teams Coordinator for Montclair State University. The fourth segment of his five-part clinic series, 'Building Winning Special Teams with Core Principles' is posted today.

September 6th, 2017

Part III of Coach Mike Cieri's 'Building Winning Special Teams with Core Principles' is posted today. The five part series concludes on Friday, September 8th.

September 5th, 2017

Part II of Coach Mike Cieri's five part clinic article is posted today. In this segment, 'Building Winning Special Teams with Core Principles' disuccess preparation for pre-season practice and principles for the kickoff return.

September 4th, 2017

Part I of Coach Mike Cieri's clinic article, 'Building Winning Special Teams with Core Principles' is posted today. The first installment of this five part series discusses the organization of the coaching staff and a master practice plan.

September 1st, 2017

Happy Labor Day everyone! For the next 10 days take 25% off all DVDs and our streaming service is only $99 for one year access to over 350 full length video training courses. Everything form the spread to pro style and defense, special teams and much more.

Sale Ends September 11th!

August 30th, 2017

"Red Zone and Goal Line Defense vs. Spread Formations" is featured in the latest digital edition of AFM and available at Diagrams are included in the clinic article written by Brant McAdams, the Defensive Coordinator at Trinity College in San Antonio.

August 29th, 2017

From the latest issue of America Football Monthly todays featured article on Developing a Defensive Philosophy is from Kenny Sanchez Head Coach Bishop Gorman (NV). Here is the link to the article,

August 25th, 2017

"You Can Build a Championship Culture: A Coach's Complete Guide to Everything Off the Field" is now available on AFM's website, Written by two legendary coaches - Bill Redell and Mikie Maio of Oakls Christian high School (CA) - the ebook contains chapters on Managing Discipline, College Recruiting, and Starting a Program or Taking Over an Existing Program. You don'y want to miss it!

August 24th, 2017

Part II of Will Pluff's clinic article, 'Defense: Purusing the Ball for Takeaways and Scores' is posted today. Coach Pluff is the defensive coordinator at Utica College. A drill and diagram are included.

August 23rd, 2017

Part I of 'Defense: Pursuing the Ball for Takeaways and Scores' is posted today. The clinic article was written by Will Pluff, the defensive coordinator at Utica College.A drill and diagram are included.

August 22nd, 2017

"Why Use the No-Huddle Offense?', written by Pop Warner and high school coach Walt Kruegel, is posted today. Coach Kruegel lists five critical keys to running a successful no-huddle offense.

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