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No Huddle No Mercy Offense

No Huddle No Mercy Offense


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Adapting the Up Tempo Spread to Today's Wing-T

Left: Rex Lardner Interviews Nansemond-Suffolk Academy Head Coach Lew Johnston on this exciting set of Up Tempo Spread Wing-T videos.

1. Installation 67 mins
2. The Run Game 74 mins
3. The Run Game Bonus Footage Game Film
4. The Passing Game 76 mins
5. The Passing Game Bonus Footage Game Film
6. Attacking Defenses 71 mins

Online X's & O's

Old School Leadership for the 21st Century

Are you tired of the mumbo jumbo/ big word leadership phrases of the 21st century? Would you like to see a return to the old school values of character, toughness, and serving others? Has the age of entitlement frustrated you and been a significant hurdle for your student-athletes in your efforts to help them be …

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Attacking the Problem and Avoiding the Distractions

As football coaches, do we prioritize and address the issues that affect our student-athletes and the great game of football? In the state of Kentucky, we have experienced changes in restrictions for June and July regarding what we can and can’t do. The way things are now, we can only play 7-on-7 in July. We …

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Dramatic Changes to Transfer Law in Two States

Two of the best states for high school football will be voting to go in polar opposite directions when handling transfers. Florida took the first step in approving a proposal Thursday to essentially create sports free agency, while New Jersey is set to discuss a rule so restrictive that it could come close to ending …

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X and O Library

  • Defensive Backs: Techniques, Fundamentals, Tips and Drills (Part II)
  • The Dupe Run-Pass Combo
  • Wild Bunch - Stress out defenses with the Bunch Passing Game
  • Defensive Backs Techniques, Fundamentals, Tips and Drills (Part I)
  • Special Teams Winning Edge (Part I)
  • Five on the Line - The 5-man defensive front is making a comeback – especially against traditional run-first offenses.
  • Options Galore - To be successful running a multiple option offense from the gun and pistol, every player must identify the read key and the option key.
  • Updating the Pistol-Flex Offense - Five new enhancements make this offense even more effective.
  • Zone Defense on the Goal Line - To be efficient in this zone defense, give each player a specific responsibility.
  • Shotgun Snapping in a Run-First Offense - Teaching proper techniques and practicing as many reps as possible will improve the performance of your shotgun snapper.

  • Top 10 HS Football Rankings

    Football Team W-L
    1. Allen
    Allen (TX)
    2. Bishop Gorman
    Las Vegas (NV)
    3. Colquitt County
    Moultrie (GA)
    4. De La Salle
    Concord (CA)
    5. Dallas Skyline
    Dallas (TX)
    6. St. Peter's Prep
    Jersey City (NJ))
    7. Chandler
    Chandler (AZ)
    8. St. Edward
    Lakewood (OH)
    9. Centennial
    Corona (CA)
    10. Katy
    Katy (TX)
    2014 HSFB100 More HSFB coverage


  • Letter from AFM – Winning Ways
  • Strength Report: Indiana’s Off-Season Training Philosophy
  • Rawlings Football 2014 College and High School Coaches of the Year
  • A Nine-Week Off Season Super-Cycle Strength and Conditioning Program
  • Multi Media Educator
  • Maximize Practice Time with Special Team Drills
  • Imagery: Practice Without Practice
  • Safety First: Be Safe in Your Weight Room (Part II)
  • Helmet Maintenance 101
  • Letter from AFM: 2014 - Was Something Missing?
  • Safety First: Be Safe In Your Weight Room (Part I)
  • Drills Report: Running and Tackling Drills - A Twist for TNT Drills
  • Building Blocks
  • Cashing In - Use some of these creative fundraising techniques to bring extra dollars to your program and motivate players.
  • Managing Your Program: Evaluating Staff - Creating an Environment For Success
  • Aggie Upgrade - With the help of their friends and neighbors at Samson Equipment, New Mexico State completed a major renovation to their strength and conditioning facility.
  • Letter From AFM: We're Listening
  • Safety First: Keeping Equipment Clean - In-Season
  • Coach to Coach: The Mental Fundamentals - Attention Control and Concentration
  • Options Galore - To be successful running a multiple option offense from the gun and pistol, every player must identify the read key and the option key.

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